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Posted: 20/02/2016
The Disembowelling of Pride & Prejudice - a review of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a zombie in possession of ...


Juliet has been interviewed online by the Romantic Novelists' Association, Jane Austen in Vermont, The Book Rat, Novelicious, Australian Romance Readers Association and elsewhere.

She's also been interviewed on the radio - BBC Bristol and BBC Three Counties.

For example:

Q: As your characters are 'borrowed' from Jane Austen, how do you keep them sympathetic to modern readers?

A: It's rather like analysing a famous figure from history and proving that their passions and flaws are just as relevant today. I begin by unpicking the social context of Austen's characters, then transport them to the 21st century, complete with jobs, mobile phones, internet connections and sex lives - great fun! And I love finding plausible modern parallels to some of Austen's most famous scenes - such as Louisa Musgrove's fall on the Cobb, and Wentworth's letter.

More ...

Q: What's your favorite scene you've ever written?

A: That changes with each book I write! Currently, it's the letter scene in Persuade Me and its inevitable consequences. Yes, rightly or wrongly, I took on the challenge of creating a modern version of one of the most famous love letters ever. Like Jane, I had to provide Wentworth with a plausible letter-writing opportunity - especially difficult in our world of text messages and emails. Then came the problem of getting the letter to Anna, without anyone else being aware of it. And finally, I wanted to include a suitable reunion between the older, wiser ex-lovers, and show the reactions of their nearest and dearest.
Sorry, that's actually several scenes!